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interest a victory party, and niner fans say they never had a doubt the 49ers would win. [cheering] reporter: the first half of the wild card game had niner fans on their feet. this woman and her son wouldn't miss it. >> pull through with everything. >> the park was a sea of red, transformed into a giant 49er watch party. man and dogs were high-fiving and chi chi. >> my mom is a niner fan so of course my dog will be a niner fan, too. reporter: across town fans were getting loud at this sports bar. no one was too worried about the 49ers and subzero game conditions in green bay. >> you know what? it's football. they can win here, on mars, on pluto. >> this bar has an unofficial reputation for being a safe haven for packer fans, but not today. >> the area over there, on the pateow, taken over by a sea of red before i arrived. >> the few green bay fans we found were on their best behavior, as long as this game was on in the bay area, packer fans were outnumbered in san francisco, abc7 news. >> niners and packer fans jammed lambeau field despite weather conditions. it was five degrees a
>> win as lose, niner fans were out in force. we'll join the 49ers faithful. for those who made the trek to green bay, we'll find out how cold it got today. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> it is good! san francisco moves on as they win here at lambeau field. >> despite frigid conditions in green bay the niners are still alive after a last, second boot to win 23-20. good evening and thank you for joining us, i'm ama daetz. there's celebration underway in san francisco. cornell bernard is live from a park, one of the many spots painted red and gold. reporter: what a game. despite the frigid temperatures in green bay, the 49ers pulled it off. this was a watch party here in san francisco. the crowd has taken off, but earlier it was a victory party. [cheering] reporter: the crowd went wild the moment the 49ers kicked that field goal, winning the game over the packers, 23-20. the food truck park hosted this watch party. one of many gathering places across the bay area from the 49er faithful. main say they never had a doubt the team would win, and the super bowl? now on the way, accor
of children's hospital. we appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you. >> go niners. >> all right. and of course we will have the latest on this breaking news for you tonight on the abc 7 news at 11:00. again, the body of 13-year-old jehi mcmath who was considered brain dead, determined to be brain dead after a tonsillectomy at the hospital has been moved out of the hospital. the family and family attorney, though were are not saying where she is being taken to but they do say there is a care facility that is ready to welcome her with open arms. >> all right. moving on to the niners. today they move on to the second round of the playoffs, thanks to a last-second kick. here it is. >> it is good! >> san francisco moves on. a win here at lambeau field. >> that's right. niners defeated green bay packers 23-20. a tense game for niners fans. they turned to a war of cheers as in the city as niners claim that victory today. >> the street food park in soma held a watch party. there were hundreds of people at this one location, though. fans pack dozens of bars and parties throughout the bay
to a lot of people. >> never doubt. we're true niner fans. it was a tough match. >> the last time i saw the niners win the super bowl i was 15 years sold so it's been 19 years since they won a super bowl. this is the year. >> i don't know if it's the year. we hope it's the year. we have our power with us right now and moving forward at a high velocity, and we are go to go. reporter: across town, fans were gathering at green's sports bar on polk street. we found a few green bay packers fans in the brown, but they quickly took off the moment the niners declared victory. the team will enough head to face the carolina panthers next weekend for a divisional playoff game. we're live in san francisco. abc7 news. go niners. >>> funny to see everybody in their short sleeved shirts. colin rush is here with a look at how the niners got it done. >> i love wild card weekend. especially when the niners win. aaron rodgers and his postgame press conference didn't mince any wards. we should have won this game, he said. fact is, the niners made the plays when they need in the closing minutes to pull it o
on this kick with two seconds left. it was so close to being blocked. how close coming up in the show. niners win 23-20. they beat the packers for the fourth straight time. har bow leading the cheers and then in the post game press conference. >> you didn't think we could pull it off, did you? >> it's not the first time. we have a lot of tough guys they generate a lot of toughness. >> our team fought. >> and we got it today. and everyone in the room. we went back to the drawing room. >> and next week he is referring to the panthers a week from today, 10 a.m. kickoff in charlotte, north carolina. the teams they met earlier in the season. and they won a close one at candlestick. vicy. the nine remembers hot, they won sef non-a row. >> there are some of us who didn't think they could overcome the cold there. >> it is cold for both. 3-5 at lambeau. all that mystique in the playoff, since 2001. they got it done today. >> sent them home packing. >> we'll check in with you later. and mike pelton is in green bay, he braved the cold along with the niner fans he shows us how cold it was. >> reporter: i
you, leigh. >> shu is in arizona, so you have the highlights. >> you know what the niner fans want to know? what the weather going to be like in green bay. that's where the niners are heading. on collision course. the cardinals had won 7-8. playoff still a possibility. niners winners of five straight, division title and first round bye within reach. major implications for both teams. boldin, destroyed his former team today. five plays after an interception, singling coverage, four yard. 10-049ers. next niner drive. signature boldin here. to the arizona three. 106 yards in the first quarter for boldin. next play, vernon davis wide open in the back of the end zone. cardinals flip the switch after that. 17 unanswered point. carson palmer, 34 yards to roberts, tied at 17-17. teams exchange late field goals. 18 seconds left. kaepernick down the sideline to patton. look at the rookie. phil dawson can win it. splits the uprights. 23-20, niners. game mvp, boldin. nine receptions, 149 yards. >> number 81, terrific, terrific. what a football player. sum him up right there. football player. >
start, the niners forced to sweat it out. the weather had nothing to do to those who've been waiting for health insurance... welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at >>> on collision course. the cardinals had won seven of eight. playoffs still a possibility. niners, winners of five straight. a division title and first round bye within reach. major implications for is. boldin, destroying his former team. 10-0 niners. next niner drive, signature boldin, turns the corner, great block from patton. 106 yards in the first quarter for boldism next play, vernon davis wide open in the end zone. 13th touchdown reception this season. ties a career high. cardinals flip the switch. carson palmer, to roberts, 17-17. teams exchange late field goals after a 29-yard police, phil dowson, the game winner from 43 yards. san francisco does not win the nfc west. seattle beat st. louis 27-9. they take the division, clinch homefield. carolina gets the two seed. the niners playof
the win. it was a very close game, though fans did not give up hope that the niners would walk away with the win and that is what they did. >> it was decided by a single 33-yard kick, 23-20. fans had very high hopes for the niners in the postseason. they're already predicting the team will go all the way. this is the second consecutive year the packers and niners faced off in the postseason and the second year in a row the niners took the win. >> so excited. go niners, taking it to the super bowl. let's go. >> really think defense is the key. defense wins championships and the niners got the d, so i think that's going to bring them all the way. >> i think we're just showing what we're made of. they're doing excellent. green bay, so hot in their own weather, aren't they? >> we can play in the cold. >> those fans who made the trek to green bay had to brave the bitter cold, but at least they have the joy of the victory to keep them company on the way home. this game ranked among the coldest in nfl history. with the windchill, there's about an 80-degree difference in temperatures today
came down to the bitter end just -- with just seconds to go and a field goal to keep the niners in the playoffs. some of the faithful dressed in layers of red and gold. they braved the bitter cold and enjoyed the victory at lambeau field. abc7 news reporter lilian kim is live at the team headquarters in santa clara. hi, lilian. >> hi, ama. the 9ers are expected to arrive within the hours. some fans are here waiting in their cars. when the time comes they will get out and give the team a warm welcome home. it was quite a game, one that had fans at the edge of their seats. the game was down to the wire and 49er fans were dealing with it as best they could. >> i am sweating bullets right now. >> hundreds of people gathered to watch the niners take on the packers in the wild card playoff game. after several lead changes they pulled it off. doubted their niners. >> we always knew they were going to win. it was a tough match, but we knew they would pull through. >> hunter is not a 19ers fan, but of on erred his analysis. he played for the cowboys in the 80s and watched the game with s
with more on how niner fans cheered their team on at home. >> reporter: they do believe they played a big role. here are some of those fans. in fact, we are 2200 miles away from lambeau field but fans sent the team as much love and support as they could. it certainly paid off with a niners win decided by a single 33 yard kick, 23-20. the fans who actually made the trek to green bay had to brave the bitter cold but they have the joy of victory to keep them company on the way home. this game ranked among the coldest in nfl history with the windchill about an 80 degree difference in temperature today between the south bay and green bay, which was at 10 below at kickoff. fans we talked to say while they would have loved to see the game in green bay, they are happy to have the comfort and warmth of being inside and have high hopes for the niners to take it all the way for a second year in pay row. >> we can play in the cold. we just showed that. we can play in the cold weather. >> odds have been against them and we're going to prove what we're made of. icicles and all. >> reporter: this is the
, when the niners took on the packers. it was just 5 degrees at kickoff yesterday. the windchill made it feel more like 10 below. that was just enough to keep the game from cracking the top 5 coldest packers games every. yesterday only ranked number 7, but what a game. >> it is good! >> and that's your ballgame. it was phil dawson's right foot that sent the niners into round two of the playoffs. he sent it right through the uprights. niners super bowl dreams still very much alive. they'll face the carolina panthers on the road this coming sunday. >>> back in the sunny, and warm bay area. many folks took in the comforts of the game. they kept their faith in the niners right down to the final nail biting seconds. >> the excitement of the crowd. everybody getting excited for the same cause. watching the niners take down the packers. it's going to be great. >> niner fans, and packer fans played nice at the bar. but plenty of good natured booing of a fan wearing packer green, and a big piece of cheese, all in good fun though. we'd like to see your niner pride. tweet your picture to us at c
? >> niners ended up having a good day. >> the goal for the niners continues to peak. they may be hard on themselves, but jim harbaugh says the 49ers entered the game in arizona with a shot of the first, second or fifth seed in the playoffs. cardinals needed a win and help to get in. a nightmare match up with his former team five plays after bowman intercepts. it is 10-049ers. the next drive and boldim doing it here. a great block from the rookie and springs in there. 63 yards for the arizona 3. 106 yards receiving in the first quarter. vernon davis wide open in the back of the end zone. his 13th touchdown reception. ties his career high. cardinals come alive after that. fourth quarter and carson palmer . tied at 17. they would exchange late. 18 seconds left. 29 yards and 40 yards to win it of the 23-20. 49ers finish the season 12-4 and they get the five seed. let's hear from the rookie difference maker. >> just get the ball. put me in and not on the sidelines. >> he is a great player with a great future. we just haven't had the opportunity to get him out there. he was injured for a l
the red hot san francisco 49ers. >> today's match up between the niners and green bay packers was a nail biter or mitten biting game. the windchill dropped to 14 below. as you can see players made sure to stay warm in between the action off the field. meanwhile here in the bay area, the only thing cold might be that cheese dip left over from your play off party. you can see city hall is lit up all in red and gold. >>> there was plenty of excitement heating up a very cold lambeau field today. >> joe fonzi was in green bay and has more on what the players had to say about their big win. >> reporter: the 49ers stated goal was simple, get back to the super bowl. but because they're a wild card team they know the majority or all of the play off heavy lifting will have to be done in the -- done on the road. they took care of that today. the temperature was reported as start of game at five below, to end at 15 below by the end of the game. dawson closer to field goal range. then on the game's final play, dawson kicked a 33-yard field goal to can give the niners a 23-20 win. >> i've waited a lo
. >> if the niners play like they did in the first quarter today, they might win the super bowl. the 49ers enter today's game with a shot at the first, second, or third seed in the playoffs. anquan boldin, he killed his former team today. single coverage. four yards from kaepernick. it was 10-0, 49ers. the catch. first down yardage. shrugs off a defender. 63 yards for the arizona three. next play. vernon davis back in the end zone. wide open. cardinals flip the switch after that. 17 unanswered. carson palmer 34 yards to andre roberts. tied at 17. 18 seconds left. kaepernick down the sideline. look at patton making the catch. that set up phil dawson. 49 yards to win it. 23-20. they finish the season 12-4. niners get the five seed in the playoffs. >> number 81 now is terrific, terrific. what a football player. you can sum him up right there. football player. >> another team, another stadium, division opponent. for me it wasn't any added motivation. i'm motivated about winning and that's it. >> show me the money. mike shoeman will talk to vernon davis. >>> with seattle's 29-7 to win over st. louis,
. what fans to expect when they take on the niners take on the packers at chilly lambeau field. >> it's going to be 3 degrees at green bay. out here, we have a heat wave by comparison. the numbers in the 40s right now and from there, maybe a record setting weekend. stay tuned. we'll have the forecast after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, powerful new computer that n break down the codes used to keep data secret. as brian todd >>> the nsa is reportedly developing a powerful new computer that can break down the codes used to keep data secret. as brian explains, it could help target criminals, but could also raise some privacy concerns. >> incorruption, those scrambled codes online. shield the most top secret crucial data that governments possess from hackers and cyber spies. now the nsa is reportedly developing what's called a computer. when it's complete, it will be able to break just about any incorruption in incription in the world. >> it will make it a lot easier for nsa to break the code that foreign governments use, that foreign criminal groups use. >> but nsa will be able to break i
tomorrow night, the on going interview series with the niners tight end. >>> still ahead at 9:00, how a u.s. crew is lending more than a hand to help two sea vessels break free from the frozen [ superfan ] we're hitting the road to help america discover the new helper. you've got to try this sweet & sour chicken helper. i didn't know they made chicken. crunchy taco or four cheese lasagna? can i get another one of those actually? [ superfan ] hey, america, we're here to help. ♪ tomato florentine soup, it took a little time to get it just right. [ ding ] ♪ but finally, it happened. perfection. at progresso, we've got a passion for quality, because you've got a passion for taste. >>> a u.s. coast guard cutter has been called to help with a major rescue operation. it's making a beeline. it's assigning to a call for help for an use trillidri austr maritime ship. it's the only ice breaker ship. >>> you may not know it, but we're in the golden age of poultry for the first time in 100 years, we're eating more chicken than beef. each of us consumes about 60 pounds of poultry a year and less th
on that night. >>> still ahead, niners take their place in nfl high arky. jason is in with all of your foot highlights. plus an unconventional nativity scene stirring up controversy. good. good answer. check it out. learning's fun now. yeah, back in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet to play and learn online. all we had was that franklin fuzzypants. ah, the educational toy bear. remember when the battery went out? [ slow, deep voice ] give me your abc's. all i learned was a new definition of fear. i need some pudding. yeah, there's one left. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. >>> a nighttivity scene is raising eye browse. it featured a bloodied sculpture of trayvon martin instead of the baby jesus. george zimmerman was acquitted in the shooting this year. the sculpture will be taken down on january 5th. clairmont united methodist church is known for its controversial nativity scenes. >>> night at the museum. it's also a real life sleep over. we'll show you where. plus a day at the beach reveal this o
of the headlights. police would not say why they also displayed a niners jersey. no arrests as of yet. police have not identified the dead man. they would only tell us that he is a resident of san francisco. >>> happening today, two suspected gang members charged in the murder of an 8-year-old girl from east oakland will be in court today. darnell williams of oakland went to the apartment where alicia carradine was having a slumber party. he opened fire, killing the 8-year-old, injuring three others including a 7-year-old, a 4-year-old, and a 63-year-old. investigators say williams along with joseph carroll planned the attack as retaliation for the killing of their friend. williamson faces the death penalty if convicted. >>> one of the san jose state students accused of taking part in hate crimes against his roommate pleaded not guilty in court this morning. prosecutors say that logan beachler was one of four students who took part in the activities. he reportedly told investigators that the actions for part of a prank war. san jose state hired a retired judge to lead a special task force to revie
the niners and packers. i'll show you just how miserable that is going to be a little bit later. >> good word for it thank you spencer. >> east coast midwest storm affected flights here in the bay area with dozens of cancellations. today at sfo 12 departure and 14 arrival cancelled. oakland international 8 flights cancelled. at san jose 3 flights cancelled this morning. another 5 are cancelled for tonight. we have more from sfo where there is frustration for niners fan trying to make to it green bay for sunday game. milton and his friend keith are fearlessly heading into the bone chilling cold hitting the midwest. >> i'm from california so i don't know what to expect. i'll find out soon. >> they are die hard forty-niner fans. so sleet nor snow or flight delay will stop them from cheering open the team. >> it's pretty cold. it might be the coldest football game ever. >> as people in the midwest an east coast dug out of snow storms slight delay and cancellation heading into and out of sfo backed up. some flight delay because plains were available but crew stuck at other airport or t
the niners head out to green bay. the forecast of that game on ktvu, look for mostly cloudy skies. 18degrees is is the kickoff temperature. it will be dropping rapidly throughout the game. enjoy our 60s, compared to green bay's 10 to 15 degrees in the long range forecast. we're still looking for real rain clouds here, possibly a change by january 6, 7, or 8. >>> recently revealed documents showed the fbi once considered a beloved holiday classic, a communist threat. it's a wonderful life, starring jimmy stewart as a do gooding banker, and lionel moore as a scheming banker wound up on the fbi list of propaganda films. perhaps no one would have been more surprised than the director of that film, frank capra. he is said to have been a life long conservative who did not like president roosevelt. >>> coming up next, dennis allen talked about his future, and whether he thinks he'll be back next year. and we'll hear from the niners, as they wrap up the regular season in dramatic fashion. ♪[ music ] >>> where we're going is only to the top! >> good evening, thanks for joining our sunday night edi
-hot niners. the amazing 33-yard field goal that went right between the arms of a packer defender. we have fan reaction from lambeau field. >> we will begin the hour with the weather and traffic red >> and lot of people are heading back to work and school today. temperatures are in the 30's are currently. we will see the numbers a dip over the next hour. we are starting to up warm things up approach and a lunchtime. i do not think to that will be as warm but we will see highs in the '60s. there are going to be minor changes and i will have a look picture 7 day around the bay coming up. >> we are seeing more traffic today that we saw in the past couple weeks. it is still not a horrible commute the metering lights have not been activated. so far most of the heavy traffic is on interstate 580 in the westbound direction. the rest of the bay is still enjoying light traffic for red >> developing story out of san francisco this morning. where police are investigating a deadly this happened. near market and octavia streets in the >> >> developing in of oakland this morning.where 13 year old jahi mcmat
. how cold he niners will be in green bay tomorrow. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. >>> good evening, i'm ama daetz. a man is in custody suspected of abducting a seven-year-old girl from outside her antioch home last night. police have not yet determined at charges david douglas will feys. cornell bernard has the latest. >> the seven-year-old was found inside t suspect's car here at the antioch marina last night. police say a possible sexual assault of a child is part of their investigation, and because of that we will no longer report her name or show you he picture. police say 43-year-old david douglas' car was spotted two blocks from the antioch police station friday night. the seven-year-old kidnap victim was found with him alive. >> i'm happy we found it anywhere and the girl was returned safely to her family. >> la shay burks tipped off police after she spotted the suspect's car and started honking her car horn. >> led to ushis little girl, being knowsy. it's okay to be nosey, it paid off last night. >> david dglas of an county was arreed without incident. he has no connectn tohe
and hot chocolate. >> niner fans are in green bay. they posted this video on twitter, showing a strong turnout of the 49ers faithful. the game is sold out. >>> and mike shumann is in green bay to cover the 49ers. shu will have complete coverage of the playoff game, and to also bring you a playoff edition of vernon's view after the game. >> community members in santa rosa today got to work rebuilding a memorial to a 13-year-old boy shot to death by a sheriff's deputy. the memorial to andy lows me was partially burn. lows -- lopez was killed when his -- >> the memorial was burned down two nights ago. there will rosaries. toys andy played with. his favorite soda, favorite potatoship, and so the community this is a way of showing that andy's life was not in vain. it goes on and will continue. >> fire investigators concluded the fire was most likely started by a candle that fell over. >>> a collision between an historyics muni street car and an 18 wheeler sent two people to the hospital. the truck turned in front of the street car. all four people on the trolley suffered minor injuries. the
, minus 3. only 14 degrees in chicago. here is a look at the forecast for that niner game tomorrow. folks, they have a wind chill warning, with wind chills expected 25, to 45 degrees. below zero there. expecting the northwest wind. gusts up to 30 miles an hour. kickoff time. temperature, 3 degrees. at halftime, a minus 4. very brutally cold wind chill. take a look at the weather forecast. rain in here coming up. >> thank you. we have been saying cold weather could turn the game into an ice bowl. later this hour a look at how fans are preparing for the game. our own mike schuman in green bay. coverage of the packers, and also bring you playoff edition of the view.r weekly one-on-one 49ers. one of thousand affected by delays. don't let the lack of lines fool you. a rough day to fly. especially if you are coming or going to places hit hard by the snow and ice. at sfo, nine departures were canceled along with five arriving flights. oakland saw one arrival from dulles canceled. none reported at san jose. one passenger whose flight to o'hare airport was nixed, said they're stuck. >> trying to g
. >> good advice there. wire, butdown to the the packers lost to the niners. we will have a recap coming up. a reminder, stay with us as we track these temperatures. in a few minutes, steve will return with another set of the forecast. fire in arlington forced residents to jump out of windows to escape. the flames broke out at apartments. at least 90 firefighters responded to the scene. theperson is taken to hospital in critical condition for smoke inhalation and burns. kathleen white was among those that had to be rescued. i opened the door and there was black smoke. i closed it really quick. a man walked me out. >> the cause of the fire remains under investigation. virginia,l beach, historical building went up in flames. the century-old building was the count's high school before it was converted. art of the building that was caught on fire was condemned after an earthquake struck these coast. >> the walmarts door in laurel will be open for business. earlier they were evacuated after carbon monoxide scare. firefighters were called after workers were heard. nash were hurt. firefighters eva
at 6:00 it's down right frigid in wisconsin. how cold it's going to be for the niners game next weekend. >> a new consumer jet coming to the market, soon. how soon it will get you to san francisco. >> breaking up w >>> russian president vladimir putin promised safest olympic games in history but two suk soou side tacks in two days raised big concerns. 30 people dieed and dozens were wounded in the suicide bomb attack m a train station and bus bombing today the u.s. expressed concerns about more terrorist attacks during the winter >> if the games aren't attacked there will be attempts to attack either transit routes into games or particular convenient use on the outlying areas. >> the olympic committee president says everything is being done to ensure security of athletes and participants. >> nsa massive surveillance program may have included personal computers a german magazine reports a unit interceptions deliveries and takes them to work shops. the internal reporting system sends crash reports in order to, the article says, spy on chosen targets one document says the unit has had succ
in lambeau field. it rb minus two degrees and just over three hours later minus eight degrees so niners will be playing in cold weather. here is the accu-weather forecast. for us, spare the air tomorrow, dry, mild weather continuing throughout monday. cloudy skies on tuesday and wednesday. just a slight, slight chance of rain tuesday night. >> all right. speaking of niners... >> larry beil is here and that's got to be cold oochl got to be nice to watch in front of television. >> everybody's plan for dealing with cold are we looking at ice roll part two? anncr: at jennie-o w whea where every thursday people ride 10 miles for tacos. we thought wsurprise them with a better kind of taco made with jennie-o ground turkey cooked thoroughly to 165. i feed my kids turkey tacos over regular tacos any day. i think they are light and they are just fresh tasting. yeah. when i eat well, i feel well. anncr: it's time for a better taco. the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey in a store near you. to those who've encountered welcome to covered califo
in green bay, where the niners play the packers on sunday. >> : be a signature sound it will feel like 20 to 30 below. >> : happening now eight the most recent legal battles to keep hyde mcmath, support unfolded in several different courtrooms in it. family children's hospital oakland are embroiled over whether to remove the 13 year-old from a ventilator. the family wants to move her to another faculty art scene coverage begins with an encouragement. was there when the judge handed down some major decisions in two out some and help in hopes of >> : that those two items are in place that is why the initial critical is to be done. >> : the hospital poses. >> : it is legally and ethically and able and willing or early on able to do the surgery of a body of the season and beat been >> : . the judge said to administer the procedures. >> : it is a decision has been made >> : requires children's hospital for the outside for the mission to proceed with a procedure. >> : the two sides did agree and the judge signed off on the protocol which allowed hyde to be transferred to another facility if suc
francisco ahead 20-17. niner goose back to work. collin, ran for 98-yards. a third down play keeps the drive alive. phil dobson, getting it in. >> >> just collin kaepernick, clutch performance. >> we have a lot of tough guys. >> and this is next sunday's schedule, sunday night finished the nfc division winners, carolina panthers, who had a buy this week. playoffs, a whole different ball game as we just saw, to day. >> >> thanks, fred. >> >> and we thought candlestick was cold. we thought it until 49ers fans. there at lambeau field. bundled up just to keep warm in the frigid temperatures. how cold was it during the game, we'll go to our meteorologist, mark miles, he was tracking frigid conditions. >> >> reporter: temperatures have been dropping off. moist of the conditions above zero. right now, it's a good thing the game is -- temperatures are dropping rapidly. it's zero, wind chill of 12 below. low lowest wind chill i could find was minus 12. what is developing is a major cold blast moving into a portion of the country. here are some temperatures, minneapolis. 14 below. detroit -- you get t
the packers and the niners face off in postseason and the second year in a row that the niners came out on top. >> i don't know how i would be able to play any type of game in that type of weather. it was unblooeable. just proves the niners can really keep it strong for the bay area. >> this is a great, great win for san francisco. wonderful win. >> a rookie sports lodge in san jose had to order extra food and kegs for today's crowd and the owner said it was worth it. >> wae photo slide show. coming up next at 11:00, the olympic games are nearly here. and security now is becoming the big issue. what russia is doing to make sure all the athletes and spectators are safe. plus, suspected male thooes arrested and now behind bars. we'll show you how neighbors helped. and these crop circles popped up on a california farm. tonight, we can explain how they got there. many people still have their doubts about the russian government. we get more from richard engle. >> we're now in sochi with one month to go before this city hoess the winter olympics. and security concerns have already started to oversha
be mild here in 0a area, but it is freezinge in in green bay where the niners are expected to land any minute now to prepare for sunday's game against the packers. nbc bay area's scott budman is live in the newsroom with more on the technology to help keep the players warm where it will be below freezing for the big game on sunday. >> absolutely right, janelle. football stadiums have a lot of technology inside and under the field and that will keep things at least a little warmer for the 49ers on sunday. the 49ers practiced one last time in beautiful santa clara weather before> i don't care. they play in the same weather we play in, so it don't matter. >> reporter: after practice, players and the coach said the green bay weather won't matter after kickoff. >> and then you start playing, and the heart rate ramps up. you know, the hot blood races to the arteries. you know, to the vessels, to the capillaries. and they're
international. 8 flights canceled at san jose and another eight flights. we have more from sfo where niner fans are trying to make it a green bay for the game. >> milton and his friend, keith, are fearlessly heading into the bone-chilling cold hitting the mid-quest. >> i'm from california so i don't know what to expect. i'll find out soon. >> they are diehard 49er fans so neither sleet nor snow nor flight delays will keep them from cheering on their team. >> it's going to be pretty cold. they are saying it might be the coldest football game ever. >> as people in the midwest and east coast dugout of snowstorms, flight delays and cancellations heading in and out backed up. some flights were delayed because planes were available but the crews were stuck at other airports or the other way around. this is the line of passengers looking to get rebooked from flights that were cancelled or severely delayed because of weather. kaitlin and bobby are heading into the cold in new york. they aren't sure how they will get home from the airport. >> dad is supposed to come and get us, but he's from upstate new
this. from the shelf, and to your home. starting at $99. >>> all right, niners fans, thousands of tickets are left first playoff game in green bay. it's not too late to go but will cost you. the tickets aren't too bad. you can buy the tickets starting at $53 on stub hub. that's dirt cheap for nfl playoff tickets. as of this morning, more than 13,000 tickets are available. airfare, not so cheap. the lowest fares, more than $1100, and that's leaving saturday and returning on monday. sfo to green bay and we just checked up in the booth. if you want to take gray00 from 0 0 -- gray00, each way, a two and a half day drip and each way costing $300. no thank you. and we are headed to the game, flying, not greyhound. >> reporter: with that, my bags are packed to cover the 49ers' playoff matchup against the niners. starting on thursday, we'll have updates and the action from lambeau fields and you can follow me on twitter, and you're going to the game, see you in green bay. >> all right. tis the season. stanford football fans are getting set for tomorrow's rose bowl game with the cardina
-1 in the second period. . >>> couple big games this weekend. egot stanford tomorrow and niners on sunday. >> niners against packers on sunday. >> you're going to be there? >> whatever long stuff i can find, yes. >> be like what 12 degrees on sunday. >> they are seeing possibly now, a heat wave in the 20s. last week in the high was positive six and the low negative six. i don't know what you do in that weather. >>> the new year celebrations are getting started in the bay area. there's no need to go out. you can watch us tonight at 10:00. we'll show you all the festivities. >>> good night. >> happy new year. to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at jay? have you seen the grapes? yeah, i ate them. why would you eat the grapes? they were in a bowl, they were washed, i paid for them. they were for the new year's. oh, right. what's that goofy thing again? it's not goofy. it's a tradition. at midnight, you eat 12 grapes, you make 12 wishes, 1 for each month of the year.
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before they improve. and the packers face the niners into key playoff game this season and how cost and comfort make combined to give the game on tv in green bay. >> clouds moving back into the five day forecast, says that we have the chance for some rain? i will let you know what the possibilities here after the break. safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to find big savings on the things you need. just make a straight line to safeway. your club card helps you keep your resolution to save money. now's a good time to pack your lunches. lean cuisine entrees are just $2.00. chobani yogurt is just a buck. resolutions kept. and charmin is $8.99 for the 20 double roll bonus pack. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. pay period happening now, winter weather in the northeast and midwest is delaying some passengers flying in and out of the bay area. austin newark and new york of those most affected area hundreds of flights have cancellations. if you have trouble times, or those who need to pick someone up to check the flight status.
with this run something maybe 15 below 0. >> and a close approximation to what fans will endure on niners never for practice? >> we barely lasted three minutes. experts warned to be careful. >> talking temperatures your risk of frost bite is significant. and we're talking minutes not hours. >> go along. >> really? >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> what are you thinking going with out a hat? >> it's not nearly that cold here. we're lucky. >> we need rain. and i'll take this 61 degrees here any time offer what wayne is dealing with, mike shumann. we'll talk about the weather. high clouds as you can see with temperatures plunging back eechlt now look at green bay at 17 degrees at this hour only going to get colder. wind chill firefighters ten below in boston. this is going to mean frigid weather will be affecting the game. to be really cold wind chill 25, 45 below 0 is cold. hopefully niners can handle it. look at the weather. 67 in kentfield new report in oakland museum, 66 degrees gilroy well above average. from our camera, air quality continues to suffer. temperatures now low 60s. san jose, lo
in the wind it is 9 below in boston and 2 below in new york and here is the forecast. the niners will have to brave windchills, i mean we are talking lambeau field 0 at kickoff and by 7:00 p.m., 10 below as they take on the packers. they will also have to battle the windchill factor there and windchill warning 25 to 45 degrees below zero. that is frigid. that is extreme weather, but i think they can handle it. i will be back with a look at our weekend forecast and when we could see some rain around here. ama? >> the first snow survey has confirmed without a lot of rain and snow soon california is headed into a drought. state water managers measured the water content at 20% of normal for this time of year. compare that with last year's 134% of normal. at this rate the state estimates it will only be able to deliver 5% of the water requested by 29 agencies supplying more than 25 million californians and a million acres of irrigated farl land. >>> two people were hit by a dump truck and one of them, 67-year-old olga rodriguez was killed. it happened around noon as they crossed near third. pol
at lambeau field is expected to drop top 19 below when the niners and packers take the field tomorrow. fans spent today getting ready. >> actually in snow pants and warmer winter jacket, and just bundle up with every layer i have. >> an abc7 news meteorologist league league leg has a look how cold it is on the east coast. >> look at my friends going to the game tomorrow, brought a very heavy sleeping bag and is going to stand there with it all zippered up. the best advice that he could give us. live doppler 7hd right now, not picking up any moisture here across the bay area. but let's take you and show you current readings across the rest of the country. five degrees in minneapolis. minus nine in fargo. chicago, 30. check out boston, 26 degrees. light snow still falling there. and you couple in the wind, the wind chill factor, boston, 12. seven in green bay right now. minus 24 in fargo. let's talk before the tomorrow, the second blast of the arctic air will move in there tomorrow afternoon gametime, 3:40, three degrees, and by 7:00, probably halftime, minus four degrees. they have a wind ch
, it is good. the niners win 23-20. >>> the chargers capitalizing on andy dalton's mistake. dalton runs for the first down, untouched but fumbles the ball. chargers get it near the end of the third almost pick six by dalton. then san diego's philip rivers seals the deal to ronnie brown. chargers 27-10. >>> and now the fans facing the elements in philly. that's one way to do it. tailgaters were relaxing in a hot tub. saints won it. >>> next week's game, seahawks host the saints. and sunday, the panthers host the niners and the broncos host the chargers. >> you know they say silence is gold. but in this case, costly. marshawn lynch is being fined $50,000 by the nfl for failing to talk to the media during the regular season. >>> next, college football's godaddy bowl. arkansas state with this trick play. r.j. fleming behind the line. as ball state runs the other way. then arkansas, when he making a run for it. a 27-yard gain. and tonight, the championship game, number 2 auburn takes on number 1 florida state. >>> in the nba, during a free throw, new york's j.r. tries to untie the shoe of da
left. it is good. the niners win 23-20. the chargers capitalizing on cincy qb andy dalton's multiple mistakes. he runs for first down, slides untouched, but fumbles the ball. chargers get it. pick six by dalton. he had three turnovers in the second half as the bengals fell apart. then san diego's philip rivers seals deal with the handoff to ronnie brown. chargers win 27-10. >>> and check out the fans braving the elements in philly. that's one way to do it. tailgaters relaxing in a hot tub of all things ahead of the eagles/saints game. the saints won it, 26-24. >>> next week's games look like this on saturday, the seahawks host the saints. patriots host the colts. on sunday, the panthers host the niners and broncos host the chargers. they say silence is golden n this case, silence is very costly. seattle seahawks running back mar shawn lynch is being fined 50,000 bucks by the nfl for failing to talk to the media during the regular season. >>> on to college football, go daddy bowl, arkansas state with this trick play. fleming behind the line with the ball as the ball goes the other way
house. so now niners are trying to rally their fans to brave the cold and fill the empty seats. eric rasmussen has been talking to 49er faithful on making the trip. >> reporter: the team is set to leave their cozy headquarters tomorrow. i just checked the temperature in green bay, negative 12 degrees. and game time temperature is not much better. some where around negative five. but that's not stopping some of 49ers faithful on making the trip. it could be so cold conditions might rival the ice bowl of 1967. a potentially epic play off show down between the 49ers and packers yet the game is not sold out. >> i opened up my e-mail and i saw there were tickets still available. kind of blew me away. it was like wow. >> reporter: joe lianor is among those who received an e- mail from the 49ers offering special hotel and transportation packages for fans with the time and money to make the trip. >> in a heartbeat i would go if there was a plane ticket and permission from the wife. >> reporter: his memorabilia store in san carlos is home base for the niner empire. a worldwide community of 49
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